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Please find information regarding the prevention and treatment of hearing loss. We aim to continue to update this section in line with clinical practice.
Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss

In order to reduce the risk of damage caused by noise exposure there are some simple steps that can be taken:
  • If possible remove yourself from the noise to limit the exposure
  • If this is not possible ensure you take frequent breaks from the noise to allow the ears to recover
  • If going to a noisy environment such as a concert or club wear hearing protection to reduce the sound intensity
  • Avoid alcohol and stay hydrated. Alcohol and dehydration can make the ear more vulnerable to damage
  • Wear appropriate hearing protection if issued with hearing protection through your workplace
  • Limit the time and volume when listening to music through headphones
  • If you are concerned about your hearing, tinnitus or excessive noise, speak to your GP

How can I support someone with hearing loss?

Talk to your loved ones about their hearing concerns. Offer to support through their hearing journey including accessing professional treatment and advice. Be patient, hearing loss affects people differently and can take time to accept. Use good communication strategies:
  • Get the listener’s attention before you speak to them
  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace, don’t shout
  • Move closer and ensure your face is visible and well lit
  • Reduce background noise, move somewhere quieter or reduce room noise where possible
  • If talking in a group, speak one at a time
  • Rephrase rather than repeat and don’t waffle
How can I support someone with hearing loss?

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